Stainless Steel Truck

Fuel Rail, Stainless Steel

Fuel Rail, Stainless Steel

Fuel Rail, Stainless Steel   Fuel Rail, Stainless Steel

With over 8,000 different parts in. AGS Brake Lines & Fittings. With over 8,000 different parts in stock for Jeep(R) vehicles from 1942 on up, Crown has the largest stock of replacement parts for Jeep(R) vehicles, including factory-discontinued parts.

In fact, many of the older Jeeps are still on (and off) the road thanks to Crown parts. The Crown line consists of axle, body, brake, clutch, cooling, driveline, electrical, engine, exhaust, fuel, steering, suspension, transmission and transfer case components. Crown Automotive also offers an exclusive line of component kits and accessory products.

Because we know that Jeeps are driven harder than most other vehicles, we emphasize offering only quality parts. In fact, we test parts on Jeeps before distributing them to our dealers to insure that they meet our standards for quality. Crown Automotive carries over 9500 unique quality replacement parts encompassing over 766,000 different applications for every model of Jeep produced since 1941. Crown Automotive also offers an exclusive l ine of component kits and accessory products. Prop 65 - Short Label.

Prop 65 (C, R or CR). Prop 65 Warning Chemical Listing.

Air Filter End Cap Color. Air Filter Heat Shield Color. Air Filter Heat Shield Included.

Air Filter Heat Shield Material. Air Filter Large End Diameter. Air Filter Oil Applicator Type. Air Filter Small End Diameter. Anti Lock Brake Sensor Incl.

Anti Lock Brake Sensor Included. Bearing Cap Axis 1 Diameter. Bearing Cap Axis 2 Diameter. Bearing Diameter A - Inch.

Bearing Diameter A - mm. Bearing Diameter B - Inch. Bearing Diameter B - mm. Bolt Circle Diameter [cntrc] in. Bolt Circle Diameter [cntrc] mm. Bolt Hole Center to Center. Bolt Hole Center to Center Width.

Bolt to Bolt Length B. Bolt to Bolt Length C.

End 1 Threads Per Inch. End 2 Threads Per Inch. Exhaust Pipe Wall Max Gauge. Exhaust Pipe Wall Maximum Gauge. Flange Center To Flange Center.

For Use With Roll Pan. Front Sway Bar Diameter (in).

Front Sway Bar Diameter (mm). Hot and Cold Side Included.

Inlet / Outlet Neck Length. Inlet Length - Outlet Length. Inner Diameter Bushing 1 (Inch).

Inner Mount Pilot [cntrc] mm. J-Flex Control Arm Service Pack. J-Link Control Arm Service Pack.

Leg Length From Tangent 1. Leg Length From Tangent 2. Length Center to Center (Inch). Length Stud Center to End.

Mass Air Flow Sensor Included. Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, TJ. Mounting Thread Pitch [cntrc] mm. Mouting Thread Size [cntrc] mm. Muffler Inlet Diameter 1 (in).

Muffler Inlet Diameter 2 (in). Outer Diameter Bushing 1 (Inch). Part Design or Feature or Use. Peak Increase in Arc Duration. Rack End Type (Male / Female).

Radial Wall Thickness - Top (in). Rear Sway Bar Diameter (in). Rear Sway Bar Diameter (mm). Ring Set Groove Widths (in). Ring Set Groove Widths (mm).

Rocker End Thread Length inch. Rod Type (Male / Female). Spring Rate - lbs per inch. Spring Seat to Gauge Dia. Stud Center to End (in). Stud Length Center to Center. TIRE_Mounted Width of Tire in. Vehicle End or Trailer End. Wheel Stud Included On Unit.

Wrangler JL & Gladiator JT. Wrangler JL or Gladiator JT.

To confirm that this part fits your vehicle, enter your vehicle's Year, Make, Model, Trim and Engine in the Compatibility Table. Also review the notes section in the Compatibility Chart for additional specifications about this part.

Most Popular Make / Model. If you receive an item that is not as described in the listing. PARTSanytime specializes in automotive aftermarket replacement parts. We feature a complete line of Exhaust products from manufacturers like AP Emissions, Walker Exhaust, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Cherry Bomb, DynoMax and Denso Oxygen Sensors.

We also carry a complete line of Brakes from Centric, Chassis parts from Moog and Quick Steer, Shocks & Struts from Monroe, Bearings & Seals from SKF, Centric and Moog. PARTSanytime has been supplying customers and automotive service professionals since 2011.

Fuel Rail, Stainless Steel   Fuel Rail, Stainless Steel