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Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless

Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless
Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless
Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless
Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless
Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless
Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless
Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless
Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless
Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless
Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless
Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless
Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless

Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless   Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless
This kit replaces all the main fuel line on your truck. The main fuel line, from the engine to the fuel tank, complete. This kit gives you all the pieces to disconnect your old metal line and replace them with exact fitting new ones. We recommend a fuel line disconnect tool to make the job go fast with out breaking any of the end connectors.

The new lines will snap into the old plastic clips. Many other kits on the market are chopped into many pieces or do not come with the engine flex lines.

With out these lines there is no way to connect up at the engine. Save Us To Your Favorite Sellers. Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2pc 99-03 Chevy / GMC Truck Standard CAB STAINLESS.

Part Number SCTF0204 - Stainless steel - All Preformed. With out these lines there is no way to connect up at the engine fuel rail.

With many pieces there can be many leaks. Inline Tube has been making replacement brake and fuel lines for over 25 years&#######xA0; - we make over 17,000 lines so chances are we have your lines. FITS ALL WHEEL BASES BUT ONLY STANDARD CAB VERSIONS & 1500, 2500, 3500 (4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, 8.1L)&#######xA0. This Kit Does Not Fit 4.3L Or Flex Fuel (E85) Trucks. Full Length Fuel Lines, Return lines & Vapor Lines.

The full-length Main, Fuel Line, Fuel Return Line and after 1970 The Fuel Vapor Line run the fuel length of the car or truck. The main and fuel line often run together with the main fuel line being 3/8" in most cases and the return &#######xBC;" or 5/16 on fuel injected cars.

&#######xA0; An open-end wrench can be used to check the size. It will fit snug over the dia of the line.

Fuel vapor lines are typically 5/16" but can be &#######xBC;" in rare cases. It is important to know what line the Main, Return, and vapor are, and which one is which. Main fuel line - This line delivers fuel from the gas tank to the fuel pump - it typically has a rubber hose connection at the sending unit and the fuel pump. These connections should always be replaced with new hose and we suggest fuel injections hose. It is a better quality and will not flatten or kink as easy.

If you are bumping your fuel line from 5/16" to 3/8" remember that the sending unit will have to be larger and the fuel pump fitting or hose bead will have to be larger. Many cars in the 50's, 60's and 70's only have the main fuel line.

Many fuel pumps have a return provision and the ones that don't will have a fuel filter that has the provision. The fuel return line usually runs side by side with the main fuel line. It serves as a gas tank vent and is usually hooked to a charcoal canister at the front of the car.

This line also prevents vapor lock and heating and cooling issues in the fuel system. Some choose to leave this line off and regret it later. This line can also run with the main and the return or sometimes by its self on the opposite side of the car. All Lines are Preformed specify for your car or truck&#######xA0.

Your lines will come completely preformed with correct factory bends, fittings on the ends with the correct 45 deg. Double flare, or metric bubble flare ends. These lines may also have wire spring wrap, cloth wrap where on the original line.

All you must do, is bolt into place. These lines are all CNC Computer Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Shelby twp. &#######xA0; Our exclusive laser scans original lines or imports data from 3d models or blueprints and this information is down loaded to one of our 18 CNC benders to produce your lines. All flares and end forming are done on hydraulic end formers and pressure inspected for a perfect flare every time.

When it comes down to it not all parts are made the same, Inline Tube has spent countless hours to ensure that our product is 100% authentic in appearance, application and fit. The difference in our product is a perfect fit. &#######xA0; &#######xA0;Carefully Remove Old Lines. Even with our extensive research & development we still find some cars with parts that differ from our patterns. &#######xA0; Multiple vendors made lines for the OEM, they start and end in the same location, but the bends may be slightly different.

Always remove your old lines carefully for comparison. Once you're satisfied that the new lines match your originals, you can dispose of the old lines.

If your old line is different, we may need a picture or your original line as an example of what is right for your car. &#######xA0; &#######xA0;Before Altering A Line. Make sure the line you are comparing to is an original line.

If your line has a long fitting on one end and short fitting on the other it is remade. If the line has wave like bends and wraps around to take up the slack in the line it is remade.

The original line will have crisp clean bends just like the replacement line. If a line must be altered to fit a non-stock application, (line lock, dual master, disc brake conversion) or your application varies from our part beware, once the part is bent up, cut, and not in the original shape it is not returnable. &#######xA0; &#######xA0;Clean and Prep Junction Blocks. In most cases you will be re-using the cars original brake distribution block, proportioning valve, or other blocks that are not available new. These blocks should be cleaned and inspected before reassembly.

Inspect the cone shaped seat in the bottom of each port. If the seats have multiple crush rings or off-center crush rings you may have trouble with leakage. If the seats look bad you may consider finding a replacement part from a junk yard or parts car. In some cases, blocks are available new.

&#######xA0; &#######xA0;Routing the new Lines. Route the new lines into place of the old lines on the car. The end caps protect the threads.

Carefully route lines in existing clamps and start the line bolts in the clamps. With the new lines loosely in place, be sure the ends are near the port where they will install and pointing the proper direction. Leave all connection points such as valves, blocks, clamps, and wheel cylinders as loose as possible, this will give you some free play while you are starting the fittings. Your new lines should line up close to the attaching points. You may have to align the new lines slightly by gently bending the ends into place. It is crucial that the lines are straight into the hole. The flair and the seat must be aligned for a leak proof seal.

Remove the end caps and finger tighten all fittings. Do not tighten any fittings clamps or blocks until all lines are in place.

With all fittings started, tighten all blocks and clamps. &#######xA0; Now fully tighten all fittings. When tighten fittings make sure to use a line wrench. &#######xA0; Your new lines are now installed. Fill your master cylinder with new brake fluid.

Bleed the air out of the entire system. Once the system is bled, check each connection for leaks. &#######xA0; &#######xA0;If you have a leaky line on a new component the line has not been tightened enough to crush and seal the line to the brass seat or it is not aligned to seal against the seat. &#######xA0; Untighten the line re align as needed and retighten to force a seat between the brass and the line flair. The cone should have a ring crushed into it all the way around.

&#######xA0; We refer to this as a witness ring. &#######xA0; If the ring does not go all the way around the line is not centered. We recommend Placing a deep socket the size of the fitting hex over the end to slightly bend the line.

Repeat until a seat ring occurs which will stop the leak. With the flare on the cone, slide the tube nut up and tighten finger tight. Use a Line wrench to tighten the nut &#######xBD; of a turn. &#######xA0; Then loosen the tube nut and repeat this process. &#######xA0; Each time tightening with the wrench a &#######xBD; turn more. &#######xA0; The tube nut should go a little farther with your fingers each time. Repeat this process 4 times loosening and tightening. &#######xA0; After the 4th time of finger tightening snug the flare to the cone with your line wrench.

&#######xA0; You have now created a perfectly centered flare seat and the line should not leak. If you have a leaky line on a used component or block see step 2. Align to old crushed seat or get a new component. Never use Teflon to seal lines.

Teflon seals the threads to the component but does not stop the leak. Remember the cone of the component and the flare of the tube is what seals the connection. The tube nut only holds the flair to the seat. Teflon is only used on pipe fittings (tapered fittings) not on brake line fittings. Steel lines are a carbon steel that has a copper coating on the inside of the line and a silver zinc finish on the outside to prevent rust. Our steel coated lines will last as long as the originals did. Stainless steel lines are a premium grade aircraft 304 stainless. They are fully annealed and as soft as they can be. We order our tube direct from the mill to our spec so that you can bend and flair this material. It is harder than the mild steel but very workable and will seat just fine.

This is intended for use as a basic guide to help install new brake and fuel lines. If you are unsure about any part of the installation procedure, please consult a professional mechanic for assistance. Inline tube assumes no responsibility for improperly installed lines. Standard DOT 3 brake fluid is in all new car braking systems, if you intend to use DOT 3 fluid, be sure it has not been exposed to moisture. An open container of DOT 3 fluid will collect moisture from the atmosphere.

DOT 3 fluid will also destroy your paint, so do not spill on paint. If you are going to use DOT 5 (silicone fluid) it repels moisture and will not harm your paint. Under extreme braking conditions (Constant drag racing) or excessive braking DOT 5 does not perform as well as DOT 3. When DOT 5 fluid heats up, performance decreases. When changing a system over to DOT 5 be sure to flush out all reused components, blocks, cylinders, and lines.

DOT 5 & DOT 3 Fluids should never be mixed. Unbend between the white tags. The bend will roll out by following these few steps. Large bends do not stress the tube so the tube will become completely straight. Position the tube on the floor keeping the bend perpendicular while using the floor as a straight edge.

Roll the tube against the floor working out most of the bend. After most of the bend is straightened, using you knee the remaining bow can be removed. The remaining minor waves are removed by hand straightening.

WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals which are known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information visit: p65warnings. Inline Tube offers a variety of products for all classic cars and trucks ranging from preformed brake lines, fuel lines, transmission lines, and straight length tubing sets, for custom applications and the street rod enthusiast.

Our exclusive products include: stainless steel and OEM parking brake cables, brake line and fuel line clips, stainless and OEM brake flex hoses, proportioning valves, disc brake conversions, rear drum kits, exhaust and many other under body products. These lines also have correct size wire spring wrap or cloth wrap where used on the original line. Complete and ready to bolt them into place. Countless hours and immense research has been spent to ensure that the product is 100% authentic in appearance, application and fit. Inline Tube manufactures all its own preformed lines, fittings, hoses and clamps to ensure the high quality of our product.

With over 14,000 tubes in our current inventory, Inline Tube is the industry leader in computer precision preformed brake and fuel lines. Located in the heart of "Motor City" Detroit where automobiles are not just transportation, but a way of life! Our staff consists of highly trained sales personal, technical service representatives and mechanical engineers to ensure your receive the best service, the correct information and the highest quality parts on the market.

Inline Tube bends over one million feet of tube, using 350,000 tube nuts and 100,000 feet of spring wrap each year. We are the Brake Plumbing Experts. This means we will not accept a part used on a car, greasy, damaged, bent or without the original box.

Resalable means in the same condition as you received it in. Please include pictures of the damaged product AND package in your message. Damages MUST be reported WITHIN 48 HOURS of receipt of the order. Count and confirm all items in sealed bags BEFORE opening that bag.

Shortages or other issues must be reported WITHIN 48 HOURS of receipt of the order. Inline Tube Terms & Conditions. Without limiting the foregoing, Inline Tube shall in no way be liable for loss of use or profit, or for other collateral, special or consequential damages. All content on Inline Tube's storefront designs and listing pages are copyrighted.

No part of this strefront or the listings contained within may be reproduced including text, pictures or layout without written permission from Inline Tube. At Inline Tube, it is important to us to protect the privacy of your personal information.

Inline Tube does not share or profit from any of your personal data. 65 66 67 Chevelle Main Fuel Line 3/8 Hardtop Ss Cars. Steel Main Fuel Gas Line Kit 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck 4 Door Crew Cab Stainless.

Steel Fuel Return Gas Line To Tank 1Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Oem. Steel Fuel Return Vapor Line Kit 00-03 Chevy / Gmc 2500Hd/3500 Std Cab Stainless. This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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  • Brand: Inline Tube
  • Type: Fuel Line
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SCTF0204
  • Material: Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel)
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless   Steel Main 3/8 Fuel Gas Line 2Pc 99-03 Chevy / Gmc Truck Standard Cab Stainless